Hydrometeorological Research Center of Russian Federation (Hydrometcenter of Russia)

Address: 13, building 1, Bolshoy Predtechensky lane, Moscow, 123376, Russia
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Hydrometcenter of Russia

 Director - Sergei V. Borsch

 Scientific supervisor - Roman M. Vilfand

 Deputy Director - Dmitry B. Kiktev

 Deputy Director - Valentina M. Khan

 Deputy Director - Yuri A. Simonov

 Scientific Secretary - Natalia A. Shestakova


Principal tasks of the Hydrometcentre of Russia:

  • Investigation of the Atmosphere-Ocean-Land system for the purposes of hydrometeorological forecasting;
  • Provision of the population, policy makers and national economy with operational hydrometeorological information, including warnings on adverse and disastrous weather phenomena.


Principal areas of research:

  • Weather forming processes
  • Modeling and monitoring of atmospheric circulation
  • Modeling of the oceanic processes, investigation of the atmosphere-ocean interaction and hydrological processes on continents
  • Development of hydrometeorological forecasting methods
  • Development and putting into operation new information technologies



There are 18 departments and laborotaries and 11 other administrative and managing elements at Hydrometcentre of Russia.