The key weather and climate features in the northern hemisphere in September 2015

Air temperature

Extremely warm weather was maintained in European Russia in the second half of September. Numerous daily maximum temperature have been recorded from Novaya Zemlya to the North Caucasus. The thermometer repeatedly rose above +30°C, which was a rare event even during the last summer in European Russia. Average air temperature in the third decade of the month exceeded the norm by 4-9°C, while on a monthly basis - by 3-5°C. Nature vividly reacted to such a warm weather. In the south, there were flowers on apple and the lilacs bloomed for the second time in a year. In Crimea, last September was the warmest in the history of meteorological observations. In the Russian north, the south of Russia and in the Volga region, it was the third warmest one. Such heat was not seen over the last 20 years; the records belong to the mid-30s of the last century. On the last day of the month freeze reached the Black Earth region. At night, there were recorded temperatures from -1°C to -3°C.


It was abnormally warm in the Russian sector of the Arctic. In northern Evenki and Yakutia, as well as on the Arctic islands the daily maximum temperature was exceeded and monthly mean values have surpassed the norm by 2-3°C or more.

The key weather and climate features in the northern hemisphere in August 2015

Air temperature


For the largest part of the month cold weather dominated over the Russian North. From Arkhangelsk to Taimyr, every decade of the month was colder than the norm. During the last one, the cold intensified and expanded far to the south, and covered the southern regions of the European part of Russia and Volga Region. For the last time, new records of the temperature minimums were registered not only in the north, but also near with Lower Volga, the Urals and Central region. At night the thermometer fell below 0°C, in some places there were recorded the values for -2 ... -8°C. As a result of the cold - negative anomalies of mean monthly temperatures were mentioned in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Komi Republic, on the Upper Volga and the Urals.