The key weather and climate features in the northern hemisphere in February 2017

Air temperature.

At the beginning of February in the central and southern areas of the ETR it was chilly, in some places cold weather, which came here in the end of January. Air temperature anomalies in the first decade reached -3.5°. Only in Russian North it was abnormally warm. In the middle of the month this warm sector extended and captured the most part of the Central region and Volga area, casted away the abnormal cold far to the south, to Crimea and North Caucasus, where the temperature anomalies took place (to -3°) in the second decade of the month. In the third decade the early spring warmth came almost to the all territory of ETR. Temperature anomalies reached +6…+8°. In Central Russia, Volga area, in the west of the country and in the North Caucasus the new temperature maximums were recorded. Only in the north the temperature at that moment corresponded to the norm or was relatively higher. If in the beginning and middle of the month in the Russian North temperatures reached the maximum values, in 20th the frosts came here up to -40°.


The key weather and climate features in the northern hemisphere in January 2017

Air temperature

One can say about Russia’s first month of the year, that “it goes hot and cold”. Actually, except Arctic islands and south areas of Far East, it is no one large region when average decade temperature anomalies would keep a sign. In Russian North, Urals and Upper Volga the frosts in the first month decade reached -40…-50° and more, anomalies of this period were -6…-13°. But in the second decade the warmth came here and although the anomalies were the same by value, but they had the opposite sign. In the south of Russia the abnormal warmth of the first decade, with the new temperature maximums in Crimea and Krasnodar region, changed by the frosts to -20…-25° in Krasnodar region and -10° in Sochi area. The new temperature minimums were registered at that time and seldom for these places phenomena  - brash ice and fast shore ice in Kerch strait and at the Crimea and Caucasus shore.